06/22/22 Health Advisory: COVID-19 Vaccine for Children as Young as 6 Months

Two babies in pool using pool floats
  • Be aware, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Western States Scientific Safety Review Workgroup concluded COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for children as young as 6 months.
    • Available to children 6 months to 4 years old: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, in a 3-dose primary series.
      • Be sure to review dosage and vial labeling information.
    • Available to children 6 months to 5 years old: Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, in a 2-dose primary series.
  • Baby pediatric COVID-19 vaccine deliveries may be delayed.
    • Wave 1 delivery delays will cause delays for waves 2 and 3 and additional orders placed this week.
    • Continue to check Immunization Information System (IIS) for updated tracking information. Once the information is available, update Vaccine Locator.
  • Increase access to Evusheld COVID-19 pre-exposure prophylaxis for people 12 years or older who weigh at least 88 pounds (40 kg) and:
  • To administer Evusheld, enroll in Healthcare Partner Ordering Portal (HPoP). For help, email mcm@doh.wa.gov.



Processing times

Labs report varying amounts of time to process COVID-19 tests. To support faster turnaround, we encourage providers to use in-state labs. The table below shows COVID-19 test processing times for in-state private labs. If you have questions about Health Department-facilitated antigen tests, contact (360) 414-5599 x 6431.

Lab Time to process test Tests processed daily
FidaLab 24 hours 200
Kaiser 24–48 hours 3,000
LabCorp 24–48 hours Unknown
Northwest Pathology 24–48 hours 4,000
Quest 24–48 hours 700
UW Virology 24–72 hours 4,500
Atlas Genomic 24–48 hours 10,000


Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) allocates monoclonal antibodies and oral antivirals to each state. DOH distributes doses to enrolled providers. Providers must enroll to order therapies in HPoP to manage COVID-19 therapies. For help, email mcm@doh.wa.gov.

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Confirmed cases can be reported to us via fax to our secure fax line (360) 425-7531. To report by phone, call (360) 414-5599 x 6431 during business hours, (360) 636-9595 after hours.

Contacting the Health Department

(360) 414-5599 x 6431

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