Health Advisory: COVID-19 Updates for Providers

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On March 23, the FDA issued a COVID-19 specimen collection update to include nasal swabs that access just the front of the nose rather than the depth of the nasal cavity.

On April 16, the FDA issued a further update allowing the use of spun synthetic swabs (like Q-Tips) to collect samples from the front of the nose.

The allowance is based on collaborative clinical investigation results from FDA, UnitedHealth Group, Gates Foundation and Quantigen. The anterior nares testing used in the study:

  • Allows for patient self-collection, limiting healthcare provider exposure.
  • Is more comfortable for patients.
  • Can be performed with a swab easier to manufacture at scale.

For more information, see the FDA news release.

Anterior nares specimen collection swabs may not be widely available. Contact your supplier and lab for COVID-19 nasal testing capability.

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